The Streetcar Company

Community theatre in the Lakes Region since 1972

Congrats to the cast of Shrek! We look forward to seeing you April 26th - 28th at Interlakes Community Auditorium in Meredith! Tickets available online now! 

Shrek- Cory Chapman

Donkey- David Nelson

Fiona- Anna Williams

Farquaad- Scott Alward

Dragon- Kristie Laurendeau

Gingy- Isabella Cottrell

Pinocchio- Ryan Witham

Sugar Plum Fairy- Rose Borges

Big Bad Wolf –Chad Boutin

Mama Bear – Kristie Laurendeau

Papa Bear- Jody Fredette

Baby Bear – Tanner Olsen

Fairy Godmother – Samm Johnson

Ugly Duckling – Maia Heller

Peter Pan – Sadie Sturgeon

Wicked Witch – Hillary Ayers

Humpty Dumpty – Griffin Plourde

Pied Piper- Gabby LeClerc

3 Pigs- Zoe Lehneman, Jenny Laurendeau, Gabby LeClerc

Elf – Emilie DeFrancesco

White Rabbit- Emilie DeFrancesco

Mad Hatter – Sarah Olsen

Young Fiona – Morgan Eastman

Teen Fiona –Sydney Eastman

Ogre Mom – Kelli Powers

Ogre Dad – Louie Laurendeau

Young Shrek – Kilean Fredette

Queen Lillian- Sarah Olsen

King Harold – Peter Ayer

3 Blind Mice- Zoe Lehneman, Jenny Laurendeau, Gabby LeClerc

Guards/Knights- Sydney Eastman, Emilie DeFrancesco, Zoe Lehneman, Gabby

Blue Bird – Sydney Eastman

Thelonius- Louie Laurendeau

Bishop- Jody Fredette

Grumpy- Griffin Plourde

Tap Dancing Rats- Kelli Powers, Hillary Ayers, Sarah Olsen, Rose Borges  

Duloc Dancers- Zoe Lenheman, Emilie DeFrancesco, Jenny Luarendeau, Gabby LeClerc, Hillary Ayers, Kelli Powers, Griffin Plourde, Rose Borges, Chad Boutin, Sarah Olsen

Happy People- Sydney Eastman, Kilean Fredette, Louie Laurendeau, Peter Ayer, Scott Alward, Gabby LeClerc, Samm Johnson, Rose Borges

Chained Knights- Louie Laurendeau, Jody Fredette, Peter Ayer, Griffin Plourde, Chad Boutin

Small Rats- Tanner Olsen, Kilean Fredette, Sadie Sturgeon, Morgan Eastman, Cooper Plourde, Maia Heller

Ensemble (various characters/in various scenes) – Sydney Eastman, Louie Laurendeau, Peter Ayer, Gabby LeClerc, Samm Johnson, Rose Borges, Zoe Lenheman, Emilie DeFrancesco, Jody Fredette, Kelli Powers, Hillary Ayers, Sarah Olsen, Chad Boutin, Jenny Laurendeau, Griffin Plourde, Kristie Laurendeau

Congratulations to the cast of The Vagina Monologues for an excellent performance!

Congrats to the Cast and Crew of Macbeth on putting on the Bard's classic! Job well done by all! 

Congratulations to our SKYT actors and actresses for another successful summer of shows! Streetcar is immensely proud of all the hard work you all put in! See ya next Summer!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Big River! Great job on a challenging show!


Congratulations to the performers and families for Streetcar's original Holiday Show: A Delightfully Dysfunctional Family Christmas Musical! Everyone did a wonderful job!

Congratulations to Streetcar SKYT for their Summer Shows! 

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Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Mary Poppins on a successful run!

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Congratulations to the cast of The Laramie Project on a wonderful and moving experience!

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Congratulations kids on an awesome show!


                               2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

President - Frank Stetson II

Vice President - Matt Demko

Treasurer - David Nelson

Secretary - Raelyn Cottrell

Directors - Danielle DeFrancesco, Oriana Filiault, and Rodney Martel

SKYT Representatives - Olivia Mills

Upcoming Events

Shrek 04/26 7:00 pm
Shrek 04/27 2:00 pm
Shrek 04/27 7:00 pm
Shrek 04/28 2:00 pm