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Congratulations to the cast!

Mary Poppins Cast List

Bert – Chris Fernandez                           George Banks – Rodney Martell

Winifred Banks – Meredith Imbimbo     Jane Banks – Isabella Cottrell

Michael Banks – Jesse Powers                Katie Nanna – Cecilia Zarella

Policeman – Mark Lambert                      Miss Lark – Kayla Zarella

Admiral Boom – Scott Alward                 Mrs. Brill – Lena Luongo

Robertson Ay – Frank Stetson II             Mary Poppins – Kelli Powers

Park Keeper – Caleb Charnley                 Neleus – Riley Alward

Queen Victoria – Hillary Ayers                Bank Chairman – Scott Alward

Miss Smythe – Willow Farley                   Von Hussler – Peter Ayer

Northbrook – David Nelson                      Bird Woman – Karen Jordan

Mrs. Corry – Patte Sarausky                    Fannie – Hillary Ayers

Annie – Erin Lovett-Sherman                  Valentine – Kathryn Osburn

Teddy Bear – TBD                                       Mr. Punch – TBD

Miss Andrew – Emily Getchell-Lacey     Doll – Riley Powers

Toys - Kathryn Osburn, Riley Powers, Carter Fredette, Grace Southworth, Carlee Farwell, Stella Bamford, Maia Heller & Myles Belove

Let’s Go Fly a Kite - Kathryn Osburn & Riley Powers

Chimney Sweeps - Caleb Charnley (Capt.), Emma Tierno, Olivia Mills, Chad Clive, Riley Alward, Jacqueline Nash, Gabby Leclerc, Mark Lambert, Frank Stetson II, Kayla Zarella, Cecelia Zarella, Hillary Ayers, Erin Lovett – Sherman & Kimmi Adjutant

Ensemble - Lillian Machos, Rhonda Perry, Emma Tierno, Olivia Mills, Patte Sarausky, Willow Farley, Chad Clive, Gabby Leclerc, Jacqueline Nash, Hillary Ayers, Cecelia Zarella, Caleb Charnley, Riley Alward, Mark Lambert, Frank Stetson II, Peter Ayer, David Nelson, Lena Luongo, Kayla Zarella, Erin Lovett-Sherman, Kimmi Adjutant & Emily Getchell-Lacey

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Congratulations to the cast of The Laramie Project on a wonderful and moving experience!

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Congratulations kids on an awesome show!


                               2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

President - J Alward

Vice President - Matt Demko

Treasurer - Erin Fitzmaurice

Secretary - Raelyn Cottrell

Directors - Corrine Jutton & Frank Stetson II

SKYT Representatives - Abby Jutton & Ryan Witham

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